About The Cast: Sylvester, Shelby, Random, Steve and R.I.P. Gibson.


Sylvester: A black cat born on Halloween, Sylvester learned to speak when he was just a kitten. His first word was “No”. He then learned “Fuck”, “Shit” and every other naughty word. By the age of Two Sylvester had become a YouTube star when his owner Steve (SteveCash83) began recording the cat talking. He has since been featured in hundreds of YouTube videos.

According to Sylvester’s Diary he is currently in his 3rd life. He loves catnip and hates kittens.

Gibson: Rest In Peace. Gibson was a ‘RagDoll’ type of a cat. Tender and loving, shedding hair by the pounds, Gibson played a defining role in the Talking Kitty Cat series. His vocabulary was limited (mostly saying only “Help!” and “Todd!”), but he remains one of the most special kitty cats to have ever lived. Gibson is survived by his 5 kittens who were born on Easter Sunday 2016, only 6 days before Gibson passed away due to bladder and kidney issues. We will never forget our little Gibby Trousers. Otherwise known as “GibbyTron5000”.



Random Kitty: We don’t know much about Random Kitty yet. She randomly showed up in the back yard one day and just never left. She did however take on the role of carrying Gibson’s genes into the future with the birth of the Random Gibsons. She is weird. Just fucking weird.

Shelby Gurl: Shelby is a black lab who loves everyone and everything. She can’t play fetch for shit however, as she has lost a record number of 10,329 tennis balls simply by looking in the opposite direction of where the ball was thrown. If placed in the back of a pick up truck, Shelby will defecate within seconds.

Steve Cash: The human. He is responsible for recording and editing the videos. The human also tries to stay out of the camera lens. You can hear the human speaking in all of the videos. He also likes to sing and play guitar. You can check out the Human’s band Pause For The Cause to hear the human make mewziks and stuff.

The Random Gibsons: A litter of five kittens who are the children of Gibson and Random. They are still growing up and getting ready for new homes. They are adorable and mean as fuck. We love them.